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Our Services


  • If coming for treatment of pain in any part of foot or lower limb, the appointment will include assessment of the joints and muscles both when sitting and with walking. It may include applying strapping, advice on exercises, possible orthotic prescription and other treatment modalities.
  • If coming for a "palliative" appointment this will include nail cutting and filing and thinning any thick nails down with a burr as well as removal of any hard skin or corns. It may also involve padding parts of the foot or dressings if any infection present.

Nail appointments

  • A 15min "nails only" appointment is available at a discounted price which will involve cutting and filing of toenails only and no skin care. It must be specified at the time of booking to receive the discounted price for the shorter appointment.


Roslyn Podiatry is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm with late night appointments available on Wednesdays until 7pm.


The podiatrists at Roslyn Podiatry are ACC providers and are able to treat existing injuries (please bring ACC claim number and Date of Injury information to the appointment) or can provide the paperwork to initiate a claim for a new injury.

  • There will be a surcharge for each appointment
  • Roslyn Podiatry can apply for ACC to cover orthotics if required for the treatment of the injury

Ingrown Toenail Surgery

If an ingrown toenail has become a recurrent problem then it may be necessary to permanently remove the ingrown portion of the nail. As this involves using a local anaesthetic a longer appointment of 60min is booked out to allow time for the toe to go numb. A follow-up appointment will also be arranged for 2 days after the procedure to check and change the dressing. This follow-up and any others that are needed regarding the procedure are included in the cost of the surgery and are at no extra cost.


If orthotics are required, the cost is additional to the appointment fee and varies depending on the type and longevity of the orthotic which can vary from several months to 10 years. In most cases a follow-up appointment will be required approximately 3-6 weeks after issuing the orthotics.